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Limited Editions

Plunkett Creek Series Wines

The Kelseyville Bench is one of three distinct micro climates in the Lake County viticultural area. Originally a lava flow, it is a transition region between the volcanic mountain and the alluvial flood plain. Here, at 1600 feet above sea level, with well-drained soil and excellent exposure, lies our Plunkett Creek vineyard, the inspiration for a series of single-vineyard reserve wines. Plunkett Creek Series wines are the very best each vintage offers from a single vineyard. Only 150 cases are made of any varietal, and the wines are vinified separately, aged in French oak, and allowed twelve to eighteen months in the barrel and additional aging after bottling. Each is the ultimate expression of the synergy between earth and fruit, sun and soil, weather and the winemaker's art.

  1. 2011 Home Ranch Zinfandel Photo

    2011 Home Ranch Zinfandel


*Case discounts apply to retail bottle prices

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